Environmental Responsibility


Reflecting our commitment.

William Roam was inspired by the knowledge that we are at our best when we are able to give back to our communities, our country, and our planet. In everything we do, we make the right choices for the environment and our customers. This means being mindful and generous.

That’s why we make charitable donations to local and national non-profit organizations that focus on building healthy communities – whether environmentally focused or improving social well-being. We’re proud to be a company that understands the deep connection between economy and ecology.

At William Roam, we are at our most content when we are able to give back. For us, this has been an experience that is deeply William Roam, and distinctly American.

American Forests

Our Sense Collection was created for properties who demand the best, most thoughtful products.  Made without parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetic fragrances – it’s everything you want, and nothing you don’t.  But crafting environmentally sound personal care products isn’t enough, by partnering with American Forests, William Roam has committed to creating healthy forests by planting ONE tree for every hotel room that features our Sense Collection. This could result in an entire forest of good, simply as a result of providing your guests with a luxurious experience.

To date, William Roam has planted more than 11,000 trees!

Green Manufacturing

Not only our ingredients, but our entire manufacturing process, are green-focused.  For example, we have sought out and rely on energy sources that are clean and renewable. In fact, 100% of our manufacturing resources are offset with wind credits from our electrical power company.  We use extensive recycling and green techniques in our manufacturing and product development, aiming to minimize our carbon footprint and our impact upon the planet.  Among other commitments, we purchase green power in amounts that meet EPA’s requirements–more than 1 million kilowatt-hours per year, making us a member of the EPA’s exclusive Green Power Partner program.

In everything we do, we make the right choices for the environment and the end user. William Roam does not use any of the following:

Dangerous preservatives, such as parabens, formaldehyde (including DMDM Hydantoin); urea; or sensitizers and allergens such as isothiazolinones.

Occlusive blockers and petroleum derivatives such as petrolatum and mineral oil.

Endocrine-disrupting plasticizers such as phthalates.

Harsh chelators such as Disodium EDTA.

California Proposition-65-listed amines, such as DEA.

Recycled Paper

Our commitment to the earth doesn’t stop there. All of our soap and sundry cartons, business cards, and literature use 100% recycled paper, sourced from a company whose alternative energy of choice is bio-gas. In printing these materials, we exclusively use vegetable-based inks.