About Us


Distinctly American. Decidedly Luxurious.

William Roam is the spirit of modern American travel: refined but approachable, sophisticated but spirited. We create high quality, American-made luxury hotel amenities.

We founded William Roam after we looked around and realized that there had to be a better way. So we put our heads together and combined our decades of experience in the hotel amenities industry and decided to start a new kind of company—one that held itself to the highest standards of quality and style, driven by the desire to do business in the most ethical and sustainable manner.

William Roam products are all designed, crafted and distributed in America. Not only are William Roam products American-made, they are American-inspired. Each product features American fruits, grains and other key ingredients, all formulated, refined and made in the states.

Every aspect of the William Roam experience has been carefully considered, from innovative formulations to packaging that is both beautiful and easy to use.

Welcome to William Roam. Welcome to a whole new way.


What makes us unique.

Personal care products rely upon trust. Consumers need to know where products came from, who made them, and what they contain. We are proud that people who use items from William Roam can be confident that our products are created responsibly, manufactured carefully, and result in minimal impact on the environment.


We believe our products reflect American ideals: they are unique, well-constructed, and—put simply—they work. So it was important to us to find a partner that honors these ideals and is committed to manufacturing all products stateside. Each of our soaps is made by a Tennessee company that has been family-owned for three generations.


Usually, recycled paper looks, well, recycled. We are proud to have created the first line of mainstream amenities to feature beautiful, smooth packaging that is made from 100% recycled paper—and it looks brand new. We worked closely with an award-winning “green” paper company to provide products that are not only crafted more carefully, but are wrapped in responsibility. Each of our items, from soaps to necessities comes in this premium packaging.


Our Sense Collection offers an aromatic epiphany: the luxury of a unique scent without any of the harsh chemicals. More than just a natural fragrance, our aromatic extracts are physically extracted from plant-based sources through natural means. This results in an aroma that is complex and distinctive while maintaining the botanical benefits of its source.


Created specifically for the easy identification of products and their contents at a glance without language barriers, our sundry icons are another way we’re changing the industry. These icons seem simple, but we believe they will revolutionize the way properties stock products, and they are just one more way we’re making a difference.


Where many hotel amenities can often be milky and runny, our lotions uniquely leave skin feeling moisturized and refreshed without any greasy residue. Our proprietary Nano HydroShear® process is a revelation: it provides unparalleled optimal moisture for smoother, healthier skin.


With one click, our mobile-ready website and advanced ordering system allow you to easily replenish inventory levels, view previous orders, order in Spanish, and connect with customer service.


The finest amenities on the planet are of no value to our customers if they’re produced in ways that are unethical. That’s why we’re so pleased William Roam has been awarded Leaping Bunny certification by The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. What’s more, all our products are entirely gluten-free and vegan.


We knew the only place to make our luxury products was right here at home in the U.S.A.


We’re a green, clean soap-making machine.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

We believe that choosing a path of ethical, environmental and philanthropic compassion is more than just buzzwords.


We’re always looking for smart, dedicated people to join us.


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